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Savannah College Students Create Mini-Houses for Urban Living

In an attempt to solve housing shortages, students at the Savannah College of Art and Design have designed and developed alternate living arrangements for urban residents. SCADpad (135-sq ft; 8 feet wide, 16 feet long), small enough to fit into a parking space, features all the necessary amenities normally found in a regular house – toilet, […]

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Student Housing with Broadband Preferred with Flats for Rent

A recent survey of 10,000 students concluded that access to broadband is one of the leading factors students consider one rental over another. Most students experience slower internet connections in their apartments than on campus. For many a sub-standard broadband would be reason to seek a new accommodation. Fast broadband access is no longer a […] Off-Campus Housing Made Simple

Summer Job Fair at ODU Norfolk will be at the ODU Summer Jobs Fest scheduled for April 14, 2011 (10:30am -2:00pm). Visit our table for more information about off campus housing and roommate search service and internship opportunities available. For more information visit: or the Old Dominion University Career Management Center


RUPA (Rutgers University Programming Association) defends its recent decision to pay a whopping $32,000 to have Nicole Polizzi “Snooki” appear on campus to perform her comedy bit. RUPA indicated that they had over 2000 requests for her appearance and iterated that they host a variety of cultural and social events based on student requests.

College House

When deciding to venture out and search for off campus housing, you want to make the most out of your new off campus college house. Choose your roommates very carefully and here are few pointers to consider when deciding who to live with: 1. Choose like-minded individuals who share the same major. If experience has […]

Off Campus Housing Apartment Checklist

Get ready, stake your claim to independence – or a little less dramatic, lets just find a cool place to live. Here are a few tips to turn that off campus apartment into “My Place”. Universities, students and landlords are getting ready for the next renal season for the summer and fall semesters. In order […]